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Jharkhand, a state in India, is known for its rich and diverse range of spices being used all across the state, Bihar and other parts of Eastern India. The state is home to some of the best masala and spice companies that produce high-quality products. Some of the best turmeric, cumin, and jeera powders in Jharkhand are widely sought after by both consumers and chefs alike. The black pepper powder of Sadguna Masale is known for its strong aroma and flavor, making it a popular choice among food enthusiasts. Sadguna Masale, the one among the leading spice manufacturing unit in India is known for producing a wide range of masalas, including chicken masala, sabji masala, mix masala, gota masala, and biryani masala. They also offer a variety of pouches, i.e from ₹5 pouch to 1 Kg pouch, that are perfect for those who want to enjoy the taste of authentic Indian spices at an affordable price. If you're interested in becoming a distributor of a masala company in Jharkhand, then Sadguna Masale is one one of the leading brand in the market.

Sadguna Turmeric Powder

Sadguna Masale has taken the challenge to provide high quality spices at an affordable price.


Sadguna Gota Masale
Sadguna Gota Masale in Bowl

Sadguna Masale has a wide range of varieties

The company offers a wide range of masala specifically designed for different dishes like chana masala, chicken masala, desi masala, maggi masala, paneer masala, chicken tikka masala, masala oats, biryani masala, desi masala, masala puri, paneer butter masala recipe, bhindi masala, mirch masala, chaat masala, pani puri masala, panipuri masala, butter chicken masala, chat masala, egg masala, anda masala, kitchen king masala, mushroom masala, mutton masala, meat masala, pasta masala, pav bhaji masala, chole masala, desi masala, fish fry masala, garam masala recipe, indian masala, khada masala, garam masala ingredients, tandoori chicken masala, tandoori masala, chicken fry masala, poori masala, chicken biryani masala, green peas masala, maggi magic masala, tikka masala, baby corn masala, baingan masala, chaat masala recipe, chat masala price, egg masala curry, egg masala recipe, garam masala price, masala puri recipe, masala sandwich, matar paneer masala, mushroom masala recipe, noodles masala, paneer butter masala, paneer butter masala recipe, vada pav masala, biryani masala recipe, chicken 65 masala, chicken tikka masala recipe, chole masala recipe, paneer butter masala, mirch masala, mirchi masala, paneer chilli masala, pizza masala, rajma masala recipe, shahi paneer masala, aloo gobi masala, aloo masala, biryani masala powder, channa masala, fish curry masala. The above is the complete range of spice that the company plans to give to its customers. Out of the aforesaid list, most of them are being sold in the market and many are in the pipeline. With so many options available, it's easy to say that Sadguna Masale is the best company that meets all your needs. In conclusion, Jharkhand is known for its rich and diverse culture in consumption of different spices and masalas. The state is home to some of the best masala and spice companies that produce high-quality products. Whether you are a consumer looking for authentic Indian spices or a distributor looking to expand your business, Sadguna Masala is the best choice.

Value Proposition of Sadguna Masale

1. Quality ; 2. Wide range of products ; 3. Strong brand reputation; 4. Competitive pricing ; 5. Strong distribution network ; 6. Support and assistance 7. Strong customer service

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Entire Range Of Masala

The entire range manufactured by Sadguna Masale is as follows:-

Powder Spices:- Turmeric Powder, Chilli Powder, Coriander Powder, Black Pepper Powder, Cumin Powder, Sabji Mix Masala, Chicken Masala, Meat Masala, Garam Masala, Kashmiri Mirch Powder, Kitchen King Masala, Paneer Masala, Chat Masala etc.

Whole Spices:- Garam Masala, Long/Cloves, Elaichi/Cardamom, Golki/Black Pepper Seeds, Jeera/Cumin Seed, Kala Sarso/Black Mustard Seed, Pila Sarso/Yellow Mustard Seed, Mangrela (Kalaungi Seed), Ajwain Seed, Saunf/Fennel Seed, Methi Seed, Dhaniya/Coriander Seed etc. The above range of spices is increasing every quarter based on demand in the market. (To see the entire range of spices, click here)

Sadguna Chilli Powder just after Manufacturing

Sadguna Masale -the state-of-the-art Spice Manufacturing Unit

We, at Sadguna Masale, manufacture powder and whole spice in wide range from Rs 5 pouch to 1 kg pouch in sachet, pouches, jars and card board pouches with the help of fully automatic packaging machine.. The total SKUs, manufactured as on date, after combining whole and powdered spices is more than 90 in 42 different variants. Further, the company plans to double the present variant in the next 6-9 months. The plant capacity is 5 tons per day which is mostly manless as the entire operation from grindiing to packaging is fully automatic.

The company has obtained prestigeous Central FSSAI License which allows to sell its produts world wide. This makes Sadguna Masale the top class number one plant/factory of spices in Jharkhand and a leading spice manufacturing unit in India. All the powder spices manufactured at Sadguna Masale are ground at low temperature in SS-304 plant German Technology Plant with colour lock, flavour lock and taste lock technology.

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Why Sadguna Masale?

German Technology SS-304 Food grade Plant
Low Temperature Grinding
Colour Lock Technology
Flavor Lock Technology
Touchless Manufacturing
Fully Hygienic

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A Registered Trademark of Pure and Tasty Foods Pvt Ltd

SS-304 German Technology Plant.

Sadguna Masale has taken the challenge to provide high quality spices at an affordable price to each and every house of the country with unique taste, aroma and flavor.

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